On the Issues

Clyde on the Issues

Eminent Domain

Eminent Domain is a growing issue in Iowa, specifically in House District 82. Currently, multiple private corporations are attempting to abuse the power of government through the Eminent Domain clause in the Iowa Constitution. I am against using the government to force Iowan farmers to sell or to give unwanted easements on their property. If private corporations want to place a carbon pipeline on Iowan land then they need to come to an agreement with the land owner. When elected I would fight to define the term "Public Use" and to limit it from being used by private companies.

Business Licensing

Licensing required to create a business in Iowa is restrictive. Professional licensing and food industry licensing is creating hardship for new entrepreneurs. I would push for a reduction in licensing required for small businesses and small scale food sales. This would include those selling food in their local communities and farmer's markets. The market will provide incentive enough for honest dealings with customers and building trust in communities is more important than government approved businesses. Additionally, I will put forth or sponsor legislation that reduces the regulatory burden on homesteaders and small farms from selling all produce and livestock direct from the farm.


Education is important to many people in Iowa, though all have differing viewpoints on what great education looks like. I would support giving all authority over education to the local community, as it is at the local level that the community will know what is best for the students. The school system's money should stay in the community where it is used. State and Federal organizations should have no authority in local schools.


Tax Levies are immoral. They require a threat of force from the government to enforce. I will normally exclaim the classic libertarian saying "Taxation is Theft", while this is a fun thing to say it rings true. If elected to office I will bring forth and support all legislation that will reduce or remove the taxes in Iowa. This includes the State Income Tax, Property Tax, and Sales Tax.

Other states are able to run without individual income taxes. Some examples include: Florida, New Hampshire, Texas, and Washington. These states are still able to meet the needs of their people. Individual income taxes are a penalty on working taxpayers and act as a leech on their wages. I would push to Abolish the Iowa Individual Income Tax.

Property Taxes can also be called a tax on "unrealized gains". In Iowa each county reassesses property based on "fair market value", which is arbitrary and abusive. With the house price bubble going on currently the increase in property taxes are unfair for the homeowner who has not earned anything on their home. They have not sold the home for profit and therefore have not had a "gain" on the property. I will fight to eliminate property taxes in Iowa and would support bills that would eliminate the county assessment based system currently in place.

Iowa has a sales tax holiday prior to the start of the School year. This holiday is cheered on as something great for the taxpayer. If not taxing school items for the tax holiday is beneficial to the economy and the community then why not make it a permanent one?

Protecting Life and Property

I am an advocate for Private Property and the greatest property is our own body. I firmly believe in bodily autonomy, this includes the child in the womb, vaccinations, and protecting someone's right to do whatever they want to do to their own body. I believe life starts at conception. I also believe the government is the worst possible entity to defend life. If elected to office I would use the platform I am given to create an atmosphere of education while encouraging individual support for private pregnancy resource charities.

Gun Ownership

I support the 2nd Amendment yet for me it falls short. Every person has the right to defend themselves. All people (including non-citizens) within the State of Iowa should be able to defend themselves, without seeking the government's approval. I would legalize all firearms and would seek that the state fight the federal unconstitutional agencies infringing on the God-given rights of the people.