Thank you Iowa!

Fellow Iowans in District 82,

Thank you for supporting me in my fight to bring liberty and individual rights to Iowa. I would like to additionally thank my Wife, friends, volunteers, donors who aided me on my first campaign.

I have learned alot during this season while speaking with voters and other candidates. I have attended events, candidate forums, door knocking, and dropped off many signs during this campaign. While engaging with people you tend to learn about where they are struggling and what is causing issues for them. As a libertarian our views seem radical but these values can apply to all problems. Many complaints and issues of the Iowans that I met seem from government influence in the market yet they could not see that aspect.

While we did not win this race we gave the people a chance for liberty on their ballot, there are some great wins this election cycle.

I would encourage Iowans to continue to speak out against Eminent Domain and the C02 pipeline and that the government does not look out for your best interest. If you do not stand up for your rights they will be trampled on. Contact your representative today and demand change. I look forward to meeting all of you in the future and will continue to push for liberty in Iowa.

With Love of Liberty,

Clyde Gibson
2022 Libertarian Candidate for Iowa House District 82