Clyde Gibson

Libertarian For
Iowa House District 82

Who is Clyde Gibson?

I am an individual and I support every person's individual rights. I believe in living within my means and growing abundance in my life and those around me.

I currently live in Montpelier Iowa, a small unincorporated town along the Mississippi River, but have lived in Muscatine County for over a decade. I am married with two beautiful children whose future I care about deeply. I have a career as an Engineering Technician in the local Steel Industry. I am an active member of my church in West Liberty and involved in state and county level Libertarian politics.

What drove me to run for office is the ongoing stripping of the rights of Iowan people and the politicians in Des Moines doing nothing to stop it.

Voting for me to represent you is Voting for FREEDOM!

Yard Signs are in!

If you would like a yard sign reach out via email with your name and address and my I will drop one off!